Tehreem Arif


Artist Statement

I’m very much inclined towards collecting junk or trash and make something new out of them ,I think junk is not an appropriate word ,I should say found object maybe , because junk is something which we discard, that are considered useless or of little value but for me it’s not junk, it’s a treasure. I really enjoy Working with these kind of objects, I use them in my works, I make assemblages and sculptures out of them, I think recycled art or junk art is a creative work that made from discarded materials that once had another purpose. I always love to engage with the discarded found objects to make interactive pieces and turn everyday trash into creative treasures. I believe that art can be made out of anything. People call it a junk art but I think that term is a bit limiting. My assemblages are composed of recognizable objects of plastic, metal, wood and glass. I use many objects which are discarded by me, I mean I utilize my unwanted items also in my works.

Why I wanted to work with the junk? Umm, Actually I really love the unpredictability of found materials and enjoy the inventiveness necessary to transform them into something new or a piece of art.

What kind of work I’m interested to make? I like to make a work that is interactive, inviting, tactile and colorful, and I think the discarded or found material which I used in my work has the ability to gain attention of the viewer and invites them to engage with them. The joy of working with the found material is amazing for me, Because the way you treat it or play with it and then transforms it in something else, it shows your bonding and your journey with the object, the way you explored the junk. One more thing which I want to include also is, whenever I found the junk, I think the material not only highlight a need to address the amount of waste each of us produces, but also tells the story of each individual through the things we discard.

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