Muhammad Alimumal


Artist Statement

My current practice deals with this idea of residues of all kinds, psychological as well as physical. Residues of living life and being human. Yet at the same time experiencing detachment from the world around. I observe nature, and natural processes, and make little nuances and interventions much like a catalyst. At times the ephemeral aspects of nature are what the work is based around. In contrast I also look at the steps involved in a traditional art practice, e.g what makes a painting a painting, the steps involved, and make nuances in those steps. To explore that concept unconventionally, from a alternate approach. Theres also an interest in the reactive quality of materials, how ordinary things can have a very different and very thought provoking use, just by a bit of research and getting to know your materials. Another thing is the obsession with he surface that most artists have, I don’t see it the same way, I pretty much see anything as a surface, for my work. There is an idea of biorhythms in the work, how things move in a trajectory, and many things complete a circle.

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