Maryam Imran


Artist Statement

A line is a dot out for a walk —Paul Klee

Lines, the most basic of the shapes, has been intriguing mathematicians and artists alike. These may be straight, curved or randomly may take any shape, may be continuous, broken, the variants are endless. To start with I delved into random and curved lines, doodling, as these were satisfying to me, however slowly and gradually I moved onto basic straight lines, which to me, now gives me a connection, concentration, comfort, balance and above all purity of thought. Making lines not only requires immense concentration, but serves as a way of meditation, acting as a relief to stress, or anger. Lines join and demarcate, are thin and fragile as well as thick and robust at the same time. I intend to keep exploring further possibilities that a simple element such as a line can give me to create endless visuals. I do not focus on the end visual, but on the journey that leads up to it. There is a certain element of mystery and excitement of not knowing how the end will be. Every work starts as a blank canvas and ultimately brings out its visual language, which can be open to interpretation for the audience.

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