Hira Sohail


Artist Statement

Much of my work is around the strange contingency of memory: trying to bring particular histories of loss and exile into renewed life. I like it when a place has been around long enough that there is a kind of tension between the way it was originally designed to look and the way it eventually ends up looking, as well as a tension between the way it looks to whoever is caring for it and the way it looks to me.

Finding working in a single medium restrictive, I resort to unusual combinations of media. What do I want to say with my art? the marks people make on the world. Notions of time are always compelling. The feeling and the interest in the essence of time is serious, but my dealing with time is not knowledge-based; it is more exploratory and feeling-based.

Whereas, my practice involves working with school art teachers, children with special needs, and individuals from low-income families and culturally diverse populations. I collaborate with children to explore their creative expression and suggest curricular intervention through the arts. Pakistan is an emotionally driven country, you feel your poor are uninformed, inform them with art and design- involve their children in free workshops… show them by demonstrating what change is. Change their perspectives through creative power given to us.

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