Bakhtawar Ali


"Chaar Diwari"

Forced to stay home for an indefinite period of time, humans now have to face a pang.

"Muashriti Fasla"

Humans have existed as social animals, now after being forced to maintain Standard Operating Procedures in daily life, mankind has started to respond.

"Fizai Makhluq"

Just like a cherry on top, millions of locusts decide to visit Pakistan.

Artist Statement

Through the trials and tribulations of the ongoing pandemic, humanity has observed drastic changes in what is to be called the new normal. Numerous elements that were so significant in what was "normal" before a pandemic have now been rearranged in a new orientation. Thus providing humanity with a new "normal". With such drastic changes arises a tendency of spreading mass chaos, which may or may not be destructive in nature. My work is an introspection of all the modifications mankind has made in order to resist a pandemic.

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