Abeera Saleem


Chapter 1

Memoirs of a different kind

Chapter 2

Thoughts form

Artist Statement

The work explores the complex concepts of human relationships with the surrounding world and life itself. How we are in constant transition while living a moment at a time. It weaves together the idea of the ‘self’ as an ever evolving amalgamation of our transitional journeys and lived experiences through photo-video montages and layered imagery.

Partial reflection is a reoccurring theme throughout the works, visually window panes, glass doors and superimposed photographs become frames within frames and create surfaces that stand between the subject and the viewer. They bring the distant and the near, the past and the present on a homogeneous front while hinting at the hinges of the unseen future.

The works produced stem from a personal lens but themes of family, change, time and memory are universal. The intrigue that lies in the banalities of the world around us and of life teetering at the threshold between the now and then represent a connected whole.

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