Syed Ali Waqar Shah

A Journey through Self-Harm


I initiated my thesis with an ideation linked to the connection between Scars and Memory, also how mutually same and different the concept of Scars as Memory (physical scars) and Scars of Memory (mental scars) simultaneously exists in a way that we can correlate them to each other according to our own experiences and in relevance to . Taking my own experience and other people’s stories whilelinking them with Scars, made this topic deflect towards the same plane but a different axis of it. We humans tend to have an array of feelings and emotions that lead us to make certain decisions based on them. Hence, my work progressed to Scars related to Self-Harm. Being in a situation where one tends to self-harm after a traumatic incident or accident is quite relatable to many people including myself. What then really matters is how to cope up with those thoughts and how to find a distraction alternative to an act of Self-Harm. ‘Kaif-e-Iztaraab’ as a final product for my Thesis, is an animation that talks about my own experiences related to self- harm and how I eventually found a distraction through art using the same tool which somehow held me between the two choices of either making Art or Scars.

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