Shazme Amer

My Emotional Journey through Sound, Vibrations & Projections


Emotional feelings and their expressions are a complex combination of cognitive, behavioral and physiological processes. My present research paper is a descriptive study to discuss, understand and analyze my day-to-day emotional fluctuations & how they can be visualized in different unconventional ways.

My thesis explores the concept of visualizing organized sounds and music that convey deep emotional messages within their very structure and how they have the ability and power to arouse strong emotional responses. The vibrations of these sounds can be felt through different materials like water, different density liquids & glowing reactive chemicals. I’ve incorporated all of these elements into my final study & examined how they reflect and resonate my documented emotional sequence.

The research methodology that has been selected is qualitative research. The research consists of emotions, sounds, vibrations and projections which are qualitative information and cannot be quantified using numbers and value.

This research further signifies, my emotional journey and how I expressed my thoughts in the form of a sensory room that contained all of the above mentioned components.

This research project served as a therapy for my intrusive thoughts and blocked emotions which if not treated properly can create mental suffocation. It has taught me that expression of emotions is healthy and healing and if managed properly these emotions can be translated into meaningful insights and comprehension.

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