Shahrukh Hamid



Nuqta is believed to be a dialectic symbol but this meaningless mark is much more than that it symbolises the first drop of creation, making us as nuqtas of this world.

The nuqta signifies that the existence is eternal, it's the start to an end and vice versa.Its the first limitation of a space and also the first limitation within the self. It gives us the opportunity to retreat back and redeem ourselves

The nuqta is the universal consciousness, we stir as nuqtas our life into motion to start our own journey in this world. This journey helps us evolve our souls to find our purpose

We as nuqtas have a amplified impact as nuqtas on the other nuqtas of the world we radiate from the centre out and give out energy.Making our existence infinite yet lost in this world.

The nuqta is the first illusion of the Self, the first limitation of SPACE, even as Spirit is the first limitation of Self existence. The nuqta is life localised as a center of power; the blank paper is life unlimited. The nuqta must sometime be erased, because nothing but the blank paper is infinite.

Making nuqta the mark of unity and creation together making nuqta infinite.

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