Shahgul Khanum

Perceiving Time

Artist Statement

Time is a string of moments where events occur continuously bringing together the concepts of past, present and the future. What started off with interest in phenomenon such as time travel, blackholes and how time works, slowly changed its course by looking into the concept of time itself in one’s everyday life. Researching about time through mandalas and other beliefs made me realize the crux of my project, how can I visually convey my understanding and representation of the theory of time. Keeping in mind the complexity of the subject itself, I have come to the conclusion that time is a very relative concept on its own. Each individual can experience it very differently, as Albert Einstein himself said “Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.”

I seek to answer my question by exploring and studying different aspects of time. It is a word which can be looked at from multiple perspectives, scientific, philosophical, even magical. My project revolves around understanding a simple term, and forming visuals which are fusing together to highlight certain details, which will bring out the essence of time.

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