Misha Khan

Objectification of Men and Women


My research has evolved contrary to different studies that I was probing into, it initially started from how cultural diversification has evolved and pertained over different timelines and this has made us who we are today? However I nudged a little further into the topic and decided to narrow down the vastness of the topic by restricting my study to how our culture treats women differently in comparison to men. This gender bias has existed for as long as I can remember and being a women in this society adds a certain amount of pressure on the shoulders to behave in a certain way because we will be bound to be perceived differently on the basis of our gender solely. This inadvertently leads to women objectification and that’s what I want to tackle with for my thesis project.

I intend to do this by making comics of different situations and how women are treated in our society and I also intend to incorporate shallow mindsets of people and how they expect women to run the household and take full charge of husband, house, and children along with a successful professional career. The demand for a doctor Bahu (Daughter in law) is much higher and is also met with high expectations from the girl, like managing her career along with all the household chores that puts strains on the girl much more than it does on the man. I also want to deal with different scenarios where women are objectified and judged if they are doing something that allows people to raise fingers at them, like choosing a career like modelling or acting puts women in a position where they are thought to be less of a human and someone who would not be able to run a household or make a good wife. I intend to challenge all these preconceived notions through my comics and critique the idea of such staunch narratives that are embedded so deeply in our society. Along with focusing on the objectification of women I also want to further probe into the pressures that society implies and imposes on men, this puts a great burden on the shoulders of men to be ‘tough’ and strong both mentally and physically, this ideology also discourages them to be sensitive and emotional so almost shunning them from showing emotions at all. I intend to study these different implications and impositions of set standards of society on both men and women, and thus want to critically analyze these hypocritical stereotypes that shape men and women exactly how society wants to see them and behave.

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