Irsha Elahi



The societal idea that being physically and apparently perfect in every form is the only way to be acceptable has fostered dissatisfaction in our minds. Experiencing life as a girl with acne made it even more evident that the majority is cruel to those who don’t fit the aesthetic ideal. Regularly experiencing derogatory comments and behaviours made me feel inferior, depressed and shattered my confidence. Through my research I have learned to know that not only me, but everyone experiences such indignities. Some based on their weights, and some on their heights. To give it a specific meaning, such intentional or unintentional indignities are called microaggressions. In my work, I have used animation as the medium to address, expose and criticize this particular social problem, in a satirical way that is humorous, ironic, and exaggerated. Furthermore, I have tried to convey the message of how badly it ruins a person’s self-esteem, mental health and confidence.

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