Fozan Tariq

The World of the Knock Rift


A world is built upon many different complex systems. Authors have developed many fantastical worlds that can be found in between the pages of famous books. These worlds have intricate and detailed thoughts behind them, letting the worlds immerse the audience. The Knock Rift aims to be another. A place where the worthless live as if they still have worth. The world of living trash.

Even when the denizens of this land have to sell off pieces of themselves, they will do so in order to survive. The many factions scheme against each other in order to obtain more resources. The differences between the poor and the rich divides the people. These are just some of the systems belonging to the Knock Rift that create parallels to our reality and give realism and relatability.

The Knock Rift is a strange place where due to many freak coincidences, a teeming society of living alien trash thrives in a chaotic mess.

Through in-depth written and visual development this dissertation seeks to give the audience a window in which to take a peek at the world of the Knock Rift.

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