Anwa Asad

A Peculiar World


Beauty, being hard to be defined in a phrase or two, is referred as a combination of different attributes such as color, shape and form that pleases our sense of sight. Owing to the fast speed and accessibility that the modern world offers, social media, consumerism and mass media and their potential to shape people’s perception and create events, beauty is, now, more objective than it ever has been. Considering beauty standards, the race is never ending! The standards have never been static or solid. They have always kept on changing. The fact which can be agreed upon, in this regard is that these standards and trends have always had regional basis but as a consequence of popular culture and internet, the line between the regions and these standards has become quite thin. Influencers have become the “trend settlers” and people-followers. An important example of which is the popularity that some trends e.g. fuller lips, bigger hips, smaller waists, large eyes and lifted nose have gained. The social media along with rise of the cosmetic procedures these trends have normalized being “perfect”. Now cosmetic procedures are not only restricted to the western side, it’s a global thing. Everyone wants to look perfect; this has hit more insecurities than ever. So, in my project I am basically portraying the fact that there is no end to this and that how absurd these procedures are! The fact that we are compelled to want to look perfect and how we are not satisfied with what we have and how we look. To show the absurdity of these procedures I am making four grotesque animations on different in-trend cosmetic procedures. And for the execution I am going with projection mapping on the four sides of a big 6 by 6ft cube in a dark room. In my work scale does matter and I want it to be experiential.

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