Talha Aziz

Separation of Soul

Video Thesis


"Look within your own realm, whoever is powerful is like a Pharoah"

My thesis revolves around the material memory of a letter about a survival and unacceptance with in the family, while growing up I was a curious black sheep of the family who knows the pain of unacceptance of your own identity by your own family, I always wondered what’s acceptance with in the family like?

With my thesis I am celebrating a story of person who will always stay alive in my eyes like magic, who is just a memory now I am opening her story about how she have been abandoned by her own brother in the name of our religion and the brutal experiences which takes her to prostitution to the world to honour her sacrifice which she did to save the pride of the family, She was nothing but a child who had never lived.

You are gone
But I can still feel your existence
All the pain you left behind
In my home,
In my head,
In my heart..."

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