Sana Sarfraz

Conscious Consumerism

Video Thesis


My work attempts to highlight, address and question consumerist behavior whilst also providing a humble solution to what we see as the biggest reason for environmental degradation. The work has developed after detailed studies of habits of consumption which propelled me to make textile artefacts that have a larger social and environmental calling. In our consumerist culture, using minimum energy and maximum waste/ discarded materials, I attempt to bring a level of conscientiousness to the way we consume.

My pieces are hand embellished providing artisan’s a livelihood for their hard work; the materials used have been carefully collected from various sources. These were discarded scrapsthat would have ended at landfills, adding more toxicity to the environment.

The visual and aesthetic play of colors, stitches and fabrics has been designed keeping in mind the vitality I want to see in people who are moving towards “Conscious Consumerism”.

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