Sami Shahid

Untying the City

Video Thesis


The idea for my thesis emerged out of a personal journey that started with questioning (and subsequently investigating) why I felt isolated in such a historically rich, culturally diverse, world famous neighborhood with a happening social environment; why I felt such a disconnect with my roots. My research led me to the understanding that it was the feelings of being bound and constricted by the weight of traditions, cultural norms and societal expectations which left me with unpleasant memories of a space that is considered to be exotic, ephemeral and enticing to those living outside The Walls.

Ultimately, I came to the realization that it wasn’t the space that was ‘ugly’ but the associations I had personally formed with it, and through the process of my research I underwent a cathartic experience and saw my beloved “Androon Shehr Lahore” for the irreplaceable, unique and beautiful gem it really is. I went through a reincarnation of the soul and rediscovered the beauty that lies within the context of my surroundings.

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