Muhammad Tahseemul Hassan

A Luminous Wish

Video Thesis


The concept of my thesis is based on the lucid dreaming effects and experiences. I want to create a transition that connects dreams and reality.

Fascinated by the worlds that is hidden to us, worlds in the deep sea, outer space or inside our imagination.

Lucid dreaming is an interesting practice I started 3 years ago and since then I realize that this has helped me in improving my personality. It helps in reducing stress and has made me more confident during this time.

Lucidity in dreams takes the person to a mental state in which the dreamer is aware of the fact that he is dreaming while the dream continues. In a lucid dream senses are heightened as Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch are all more extreme than in real life. Emotional feelings are intensified with happiness and pleasure from engaging in enjoyable activities.

I was inspired from the curious worlds inside our dreams where people can submerge themselves in another world of glimmering LED lights. I am trying to create an experience where you can share experiences with strangers in an open and vulnerable way. I want to twist the perspectives, and create a fantasy world using interactive textile materials and animated lights.

The vivid and luminous fiber optic is used to create innovative approach towards design and glow in the dark will keep the mystery of the dreams alive. The driving force is to create some kind of alternate reality, where refuge can be taken from everyday life.

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