Momina Nadeem

Memories of a lost loved one

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Losing someone you love is the hardest thing in the world to deal with. Itʼs a kind of pain that you physically feel all over your body. Itʼs suffering of the worst kind.

My work revolves around the memories of a lost one.

Five years back I lost a very close person to my heart, my brother . I was constantly seeing things That were not actually happening at that unfortunate time. The thought of his no more existence brought a serious heartbreak every single time.

All these thoughts and feels made me recreate the memories of his clothes and other things which he used to utilize in his daily life. It was extremely difficult for me and my mother  to make these hand embroidery objects because while making them i remembered every memory associated with my brother and it kind of took me back to the time when my brother was alive.

Fortunately by choosing hand embroidery as medium healed me and reduced my anxiety. It was such a great buster for me. It’s like I forget about everything around me and immerse myself in a world of my own. It resets and prepares me to be a better person. It takes me to a step by  step process Repeatedly, that makes me more patient. It bought self worth and confidence in me. I now have a sense of being able to do more than what I had thought and now I am kind of accepting the reality that he is no more and by studying the impact of loss and loss of adornment of loved on possession i aim to find a connection to reach him.

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