Moeed Iqbal

A Journey Towrds Alacrity

Video Thesis


I went through an experience of being bullied by a relative. I was very hurt after that incident but took it as a challenge upon myself to prove them wrong. The experience that was initially disappointing and shattering became a point of contemplation and investigation for me.

Disparity of social or physical supremacy distinguishes bullying from normal conflict. All over the world, bullying is a notorious act, where people repeatedly or habitually use physical strength to inflict physical or emotional harm or threat others. The real power imbalance due to various reasons empowers some people to harass or threat others both physically and verbally, which is resultantly called bullying. Both who bully and are bullied by others may have serious physiological problems in the long-run and may need additional care and attention to break free of the harmful effects of bullying, whichever end of this social disease they are.

My project is about a journey from being hurt to healing. The work involves technology, materials and programming to reflect the nuanced discussion I want to carry forward about bullying. I want to give strength to people who are getting bullied.

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