Beauty of Destruction

Video Thesis


The purpose of my study is to express the pain and the void that is left after the most trusted one deeply betrays you and as a result my family suffered and grieved. So, I worked on a Banyan tree which has many memories of my family. The tree happened to be the only evidence for our happy life. I photographed the tree closely and fabricated those visuals while keeping the focus element on the roots by weaving them i achieved the rough texture and the struggle between the moustaches of the tree aswell as the struggle between my family growth. By using weaving as my technique I tried relating it to our situation how my mother gathered us together and gave us the strength to rise again. My work revolves around the four words i focused on Tragedy, Betrayal, Sacrifice and hope. I designed light structures out of those hand-woven weaves to indicate the light as the hope that I use to see in my mother, Through that difficult time she managed to be a light of hope.

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