Arooj Mazhar

Semblance of Perfection


The concept of my thesis is based upon my pursuit of perfectionism that derived from circumstances that were beyond my control during developing years of my life Influenced by abandoned childhood, isolation, coupled with trauma of loss of my Father and abusive experiences with relatives. In attempt to exercise that control I observed patterns in nature to achieve balance in other areas of my life struggled between the paradox of choices.

Though recently I figured out that happiness and sorrow are both universal every individual who came to this world experiences both and the only state one should strive for is contentment.

Affirmation of ourselves does not depend on the destruction and exploitation of others. I wanted to depict my vision about life how I try to create order and to find a balance to overcome pain and strengthen myself. Using woolen threads and techniques of crochet and hand embroidery I reframe my sensitivity, empathy and emotional self as a strength through my work. Severe losses and disruption in life leads to perfectionism may actually be a way to attempt to remain safe, to distance the self from intense feelings or perceived threat using art as therapy.

In the silence I find inspiration and in the chaos of life I sculpted intangible hope. Now that I have figured out the gateway to my contentment is through art yet experiencing the indifferences while growing up, concerns me that our society needs serious reconstruction where children’s emotional wellbeing is a priority.

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