Zimn Farooq

Life in Transition

Video Thesis


The Purpose of my study is to reflect my inner feelings and reaction towards change and growth. As it is said that "Change is a hard-fought thing." Through my life change has been an integral part. I would rather love to stay in my comfort zone than take steps in unknown. Though we evolve and change in response to the changing world, but conscious change is often difficult.

After the rapid and hard changes that I faced in my life. I realized that one couldn’t actually grow without leaving certain parts of them behind in order to become a better self. The best example I could find in the natural world was when snake sheds it’s skin to allow for further growth. We as human beings metaphorically shed our own skin when it’s time to grow physically, professionally or spiritually. I could see the reflection of myself in how snake was reacting to change. It devotes all its energy in getting rid of the old and making room for new. By using snake as a language I tried reflecting my inner feelings and emotions. Looking at the flexible nature, all my work has this aspect of beauty of struggle. How it has a tendency to mold itself according to situation.

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