Maryam Tanveer

An Unspoken Loss of Heritage

Video Thesis


I would like to comment on this prestigious fact that our cultural asset named as Wazir khan mosque has not been given the privilege that it deserves. It’s dedication and artistic impressions are fading away and are heading to destruction. When I look up to the restoration process, I feel very miserable that the process is not up to the mark. There are no lack of funds but lacks of interest are the big misery here. I just want to imitate its current situation in my garments that what Mosque does not deserve to be. I would want to imitate its fading colors on my garments to realize the authorities that what they are going to lose in near future if attention would not be given to Mosque. These historical assets are representations of our country in all over the world. These must not devasting like this Mosque. I am doing thesis on this issue to make everyone realize that we must not let these historical arts destroy like this. These artistic representations of our country and our people must be remained alive and attractive because it gives a glimpse of memories to the coming generation.

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