Maleeha Kabir


Video Thesis


The concept of my thesis revolves around the life cycle of a butterfly and how it resembles the evolution of a human being. Both of them go through the same four stages of life, the butterfly from an egg to a Caterpillar to a Chrysalis and finally a beautiful Butterfly; and the human from birth to an infancy to adolescence and finally late adulthood. Both go through a cycle of metamorphosis and evolve into bolder, smarter and freer self’s.  The transformation of an individual has been depicted through the simile of a butterfly. Personal tales, Cultural stories and societal struggles help an individual in their growth process and bring them from unknown to a confident and free human. The butterfly whereas goes from being a worm to a glowing mesmerizing creature in the air wondering free to rejoice. The wings that represent the best of humanity that rests within us gently but speaks boldly.

The material used for the representation of the concept of the butterfly’s life is very light in weight depicting the unburdening of insecurities and transformation into a happier, freer self.

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