Iram Shahzadi


Video Thesis


A lot is said to define beauty; however, this all is relative, and there is still no true definition that can capture the real essence of beauty. To give birth to beauty, one has to face difficulties, struggle, and hardship. Consequently, all the struggles and hardships faced during the journey can produce remarkable results, astonishing growth, and superior strength. Thus, when you struggle, what you need is to struggle with your head up, and keep the hope that something good will happen. The outcome is beauty, which is the part of struggle also. The beauty of struggle never ends as it continuously repeats itself; either you start something new or attempt your responsibilities. The repetition makes a rhythm, at which at least once in life, you have to dance.

While struggling, many questions are raised inside you. However, the more I grew, the more silent my quest became. However, I felt that my lost sound has turned into the ink laid down on paper, and it became more influential than the afloat hope inside me. The voice motivated me to look for my passion in life. I am well aware that everyone has a unique path to their exploration through their struggle. This fact makes the journey more exciting for me, and I start observing examples from daily life. I quickly realized that only Phulkari could represent this beauty of struggle and repetitions. Routine habits and struggles similar to the repetitive pattern of Phulkari on a thick cloth showed me the beauty of my journey. It also represented the agony, which was too much to live through at times. During my journey, I handled the beauty of hardships in such a way that I got to know more and more about myself. I also experienced situations that I never experienced earlier. During the journey, a prover, i.e., The gem cannot be polished without friction nor man perfected without trials, helped me pursue my passion.

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