Fatima Afzal


Video Thesis


My topic is self love. I choose this topic because I experienced lack of self-compassion during my childhood, it begins when I internalize the experience of feeling unworthy or unlovable.

Because of trauma or difficult relationships with my parents and family, I get stuck in the belief that "I am not enough." I believe that I am not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, emotionally stable enough, and so on. This type of negative belief paradoxically gives me some hope for an end to the pain. If "I" am the problem, then there is hope for a different outcome if "I" could only change.

But after a certain time I realized that we should accept our imperfections. We need to accept our selves no matter how we look and behave. And we don't need anybody else, we are enough for ourselves.

A person who doesn't embrace its shortcomings, weakness, deficiencies and imperfections would never be able to create real self. He wouldn't be able to see a rainbow inside him. He wouldn't be able to fabricate a master piece of his creative self. "What Makes You Vulnerable Makes You Beautiful"

The purpose of my thesis is to create garments that promote self love where in our society our obsession with perfectionism is damaging individuals.

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