Reema Qadeer

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

Systematic Barriers faced by Art Educators in public and private sector multi-campus higher educational institutions of Pakistan.

This research identifies, comprehended and analyzes the systematic barriers that art educators face, whether it is part of a public or private sector multi-campus higher educational institution of Pakistan. Due to multiple departments that reside under multicampus universities, they have a broader perspective to look at. In addition to that the rules and regulations of a department vary according to the demand of a particular subject. These variations are often misunderstood due to lack of knowledge, acknowledgement, resources and many other factors and often result in similarity of rulemaking, which is the basic factor that leads toward systematic barriers for educators. Similarly art education has an entirely different set of philosophies that must be considered while forming its policies. Through qualitative study I have explored many factors which point towards these barriers and how it compromise professional and pedagogical approaches for art educators.

Considering the fact that art educators have lived experiences of an art classroom this research is proposing to give higher autonomy to art educators so that their voice is acknowledged in complex anarchy of higher education system that challenge the work environment for an art educator. Through this research I have taken perspective of various art educators who are suffering from this undefined gap of professional organizational setup of higher education. The outcomes of this research also suggest rationalization of higher education system which will help create symmetry between job demands and job resources.

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