Muhammad Ali

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

Indus civilization is one of the oldest civilizations of the world, carrying a variety of cultures, crafts and traditions. Jandi craft is one of the noteworthy, yet fading crafts of Sindh. Owing to its complicated, tedious and lengthy process, it is being practiced scarcely in the region. It is being produced by a handful of families who, also, are struggling to sustain their craft practices. The project focuses on the practices, learning and teaching challenges of Jandi craft in workshops in the Sindh and highlights the importance of understanding the craft, and its education to establish its place and identity in the art as craft practices of the region. The study also encourages craft education learning modules/units for art educational institutions in the country. Traditionally, craft learning is an informal form of education based on the practice of transferring skills from generation to generation, without any formal documentation. Henceforth, the study advocates to re shape Jandi craft education through a carefully considered data collection plan, which includes a compilation of its history, a series of interviews of craft practitioners and artisans (Ustaad and Shagird both) to elaborate on instructional and pedagogical challenges of the practice and documentation of its making process in the form of documentary.

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