Mamoona Riaz

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

This study delves into inquiry-based reflective research on the pedagogical concerns behind the psychology of learning and teaching in studio art courses at the National College of Art, Lahore & Rawalpindi, Beaconhouse National University, and IndusValley School of Art & Architecture. With the aim to identify teaching strategies conducive to the learners' needs to develop a cohesive understanding of the same, from a critical and yet reflective standpoint. As a result, a pedagogical framework has been proposed in light of 21st -century skills. The paper informs a comparative approach towards an intertwined method of data analysis through content and discourse analysis in the qualitative research method. In doing so, six main key themes have been reassembled to generate a dialogic reflection about artistic processes highlighting teaching and learning dynamics. The outcome of the research would contribute to the artist-teachers and forthcoming art-educators teaching in art institutes in addition to the administration for the institutionalized philosophies with regards to art curriculum and providing quality teaching.

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