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Dissertation Abstract

This study, ‘The Significance of Inclusion and Role of Art Integrated Pedagogy for Students with Down Syndrome’ seeks to highlight the importance of Inclusive education for the differently abled students and investigate how art integrative pedagogy can facilitate the learning of children with Down Syndrome, in their early years of education.

The research stems from a lack of acceptance of differently abled students in mainstream schools and identifies a deficiency in the area of curriculum development for children with Down Syndrome.

The first part of this study attempts to understand the benefits of Inclusion for differently abled children. The second part of the research explores art integration as a teaching pedagogy to support the differentiated learning of students with Down Syndrome.

This research has been conducted using the action research case study method and sought to gain an in-depth understanding of the learning experience of a seven-yearold student with Down Syndrome. The data was collected through the planning, execution and observations of differentiated learning plans, interviews with special education experts and personal reflective notes. All findings were analysed by means of inductive and deductive coding and thematically clustered to link with the theoretical frame works.

The resultant findings aim to lay the ground to create an awareness about practicing inclusion with differently-abled students in early educational contexts and propose differentiated art integrative pedagogies that can be implemented by teachers and parents alike to support the learning of a child with Down Syndrome. The study also has potential to contribute to future policy planning in the domain of special education. 

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