Haider Abbas

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

The study explores how Artificial Intelligence speech and text recognition Software, Applications and Websites can be useful for English Second Language Art Students to overcome learning barriers, assist in English writing and address learning problems faced by art colleges and universities in Pakistan. An online workshop was conducted with the help of two groups, one of which used speech recognition and the other used text recognition. The research that is in the literature on AI is mostly based on European research involving native or forgiving students, the use of speech and text recognition SAW, and Natural Language Process system that converts text into humanoid sound, without disturbing the listener and literature gave me new ideas, perspective, and approaches to use new updated version of software, applications, and website of STR based domains. Due to the modern era, they are being used in SAW online studies. The study has significance for Sindhi and Urdu speaking students English Second Language Art Students in some cases, including Google Translate Domains Speech Recognition and Text Recognition. It elaborates on how Artificial Intelligence speech and text recognition software can assist ESL students to overcome learning barriers in arts institutes of Pakistan, enhance student capacity to understand varying complexities of English text, and improve reading fluency, pronunciation and accent over time.

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