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Dissertation Abstract

Emotional literacy at the primary grade level in Pakistan schools

A child’s emotional development is equally important as physical and intellectual growth. Just as an introduction to languages, numeracy, science, history, yoga or any subject starts by building basics of the certain subject, through rules, facts, and terminologies to scaffold the concepts in academic learning, the same goes for emotional literacy education. Learning to understand, name, and manage emotions is at the heart of emotional literacy education. It is important to know that emotional awareness builds by developing emotional vocabulary and literacy through scaffolding social interactions from the early years. It is the responsibility of teachers, art educators and parents to develop emotional literacy within children. Emotional literacy education comes under the arch of social emotional learning (SEL). SEL encircles intrapersonal and interpersonal emotional intelligence Gardner (1993). This study proposes to introduce emotional literacy education at the primary grade level in Pakistan schools within the K-12 curriculum. Through guidance and targeted strategies this crucial life skill of emotional literacy can be acquired, emotional literacy education will equip the children with the strength to navigate life mindfully and with critical thinking and develop positive relationships. Keywords: Emotional Literacy, Emotional competence, Emotional intelligence, Social emotional learning.

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