Zehra Batool

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

In current learning philosophies, Cooperative learning is considered as a “best practice” overlapped with instructional technique in today’s schools. But Susan Cain, Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking, suggests that the major use of group activities might not be a “best fit” for introverts. Introverts seem to have a learning style that differs from that of extroverts; Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence also supports this argument. Defining personalities as “Intrapersonal” and “Interpersonal” learner. Although interpersonal skills are need of 21st century, but it doesn’t show that intrapersonal learners are lacking behind. It is observed that introverts are considered as shy students by teachers and parents. Therefore this study is important to the education community because negative assumptions about introversion are in the school system, leading teachers to believe these students are lacking in some way. To seek an answer to this problem, this study was conducted in four stages. Student’s personalities and preferred learning styles were identified. Views and suggestions of Academic Heads were collected. Teachers and parents of intrapersonal learners were interviewed. Lessons were observed to find out current practices. The purpose of the study is to describe teachers’ beliefs and perspectives about introverted students and their experience of schooling. After the review of existing literature, teachers were interviewed to find out that how teachers can differentiate their instruction to be instructionally responsive to their students who demonstrate inclinations toward introversion and extroversion. It is suggested that teachers learn to observe and identify different kinds of student personalities and temperament, especially those who have tendencies of being introverts or intrapersonal learners in the classroom, rethink the manner and extent to which they utilize cooperative tasks in their classrooms in order to meet individual needs of all their students. It is the teachers’ responsibility to facilitate a school environment where teaching and learning processes can be effective for both introverts and extroverts students. Recommendation are offered (at the conclusion of the study) to address some of above concerns.

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