Zakia Abbas

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Dissertation Abstract


Zakia Abbas

This study, ‘The Challenges of Class Participation for Students’ seeks to understand the current practice of verbal class participation at the higher education level in Pakistani art institutes. It identifies a lack of class participation from the students as an obstacle that prevents them from gaining a beneficial, inclusive and productive learning experience. Focusing on the students’ classroom interactions, this research aims to explore and identify the factors that impede their class participation. Employing a qualitative- phenomenological research approach, the data was collected using class observations and in-depth interviews with students, teachers and art educators. These were then analyzed through a contextual lens and the theoretical frameworks that were found in existing literature on class participation. The findings of this research aim to create awareness about the significance of class participation within our local pedagogical context whilst situating them in a global milieu. Further the project highlights the need for and suggests solutions for a participatory paradigm that is rooted in our culture and that caters to the diversity of students in art universities.

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