Tooba Tahir

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

Students in higher education institutions in Pakistan face psychosocial issues, which could have serious implications on their mental and physical health, resulting in suicide attempts. Not much importance is given to mental health in an educational context in Pakistan and the general public is still ignorant about mental illness. This study explores the psychosocial issues of students in the visual communication design studies department of an art and design school. The study intends to find what pedagogical strategies could help in addressing mental health issues. This research utilizes qualitative paradigm as its methodology and methods. It employs in-depth semi-structured interviews. The interviews were taken from two students of each year from a four-year undergraduate program. It was found that young adults face challenges between their parents, friends, relationship between their significant other and teachers. It may be countered by various pedagogical strategies mentioned in the recommendations chapter.

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