Shakila Haider

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

Curriculum can play an important role in developing critical thinking in students about Visual Art Culture. Hence the newly designed Art Curriculum will aim to inculcate critical thinking and enhance learning abilities by 1) critical thinking 2) observation skills and 3) material manipulation thinking through material that will teach children in such a manner that they would be able to construct their own unique knowledge. An Art curriculum is a certain guideline for the students, teachers and as well as parents to see the gradual growth in their children. Some children are special they cannot express themselves with words or any writing, thus, art provides them a path to express and explore.

Philosophers from all the world have worked on the theories and practical approaches to how to enhance the learning and learning through art in class room. Reggio inspired projects can aid children learn emotional language, facial expressions and postures and sounds: for example, in terms of how one behaves, and feels to comprehend and communicate with each other. One of the hallmarks of the Reggio Emilia experience is the re-examination of the concepts being studied in a variety of ways through multiple languages: expressions such as singing, dancing, performing, and representing. In the Reggio Emilia project described earlier, the children discover themselves using mirrors and photos and then drew a self-portrait. Although child’s artistic development and learning has always been the essential for the teachers and parents.

Interviews with educationists and teachers revealed the importance and relevance of an art curriculum for primary school years. This study offers suggestions to identify, introduce andRecommendations for Art Curriculum in Primary School instrumentalize possible art curricula, study material, lesson plans, teaching methods and strategies to aid the learning of students in Grade 1

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