Sajid Khan

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

This study analyses the prevalent models of mentoring in three reputed art colleges of Lahore (NCA, BNU, PU) to understand and identify the lifecycles of these relationships, factors that determine success and the possible detrimental consequences of the “dark side” of mentoring. Lastly the effects of the dynamics of the mentoring relationship on the performance of the student are also gauged to show the importance of healthy mentoring relationships. In our research we found that student-supervisor relationship during thesis year (a term referring to the fourth year of college where art students are required to come up with a final thesis project) seldom resembled the mentoring-mentee relationship described in the literature and rarely produced the outcomes predicted by the literature. We found that independence of the student was a key determinant for the dynamics of the mentoring relationship and it was the core dimension around which all other relational dimensions fell into place.

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