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Dissertation Abstract

In 2002 during General Musharraf’s tenure, there was a media boom and plenty of emphasis on creating a soft image of the country. As a result, a significant number of TV channels and media houses came into being. With that arose the need for a more significant creative workforce, and subsequently, many Media studies programs were created at various new and old institutions.

These departments were established to create an educated and skilled workforce for a new emerging media industry. Before their establishment, the mass media, liberal arts, mass communication, art/design, and journalism graduates were the only source of induction for the news/entertainment, and advertising industry. In the last two decades, these departments have produced several batches of media studies graduates; however, the market feedback about the Media studies graduates is not encouraging. Several media professionals and graduates themselves have observed it, that the Media studies program that is offered by different universities do not equip students according to the needs of industry and leave most of the students baffled, especially when it comes to training the students to become copywriters. In this paper, several teachers, practitioners of advertising reflect on the state and standard of copywriting in Pakistan and analyze how well-equipped and prepared are the graduates of these Media studies programs to become the next generation of communicators and copywriters.

This paper informs about the history of media and advertising in Pakistan, state of copywriting in Pakistani advertising, and the state of Media studies and copywriting courses offered in Pakistan.

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