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Dissertation Abstract

Teaching is a serious profession with enormous responsibilities. Effective teaching practices cannot be continued without critical questioning, self-examination and implementing practical strategies. The study is an effort to understand the impact of critical reflection and its effectiveness in visual communication design teaching for undergraduate programs within the higher education context of Pakistan.

An educational system that for certain reasons lacks critical thinking, teacher training, research based practices and theoretical underpinning of practical knowledge critical reflection provides an opportunity to critically examine oneself as a teacher and practitioner. Critical reflection is a self-initiated thinking tool with practical implications to improve teaching and professional practices.

The qualitative phenomenological research included teachers and practitioners from private/public sector art and design institutions teaching VCD, design and digital arts to learn about critically reflective practices in their lived experiences. The data was collected through semi-structured interview and qualitative research questionnaire from 26 participants.

The significance of CRP was learned through processes, experiences, critical incidents, and personal and social influences shared by the participants. The study also mentioned challenges, limitations and important factors that teachers and design practitioners face while practicing critical reflection. These learning were discussed in detail under four themes; participants’ perception of critically reflective practice, its methods, importance and influences.

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