Kinza Mushtaq

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

Despite the elevation of literacy rates, problem of gender stereotypes persists in Pakistani society. To check out the possible contribution of textbooks towards gender stereotypes the present study explores gender ideologies in the textbooks of Urdu for early years. The following questions directed the present research: is there any gender ideology in the textbooks of Urdu prescribed for early year’s class 1 and what are the possible effects of these textbooks on the consumers of these books? The research was conducted in Multan division of Punjab Pakistan. The research made use of qualitative research method (semiotic analysis) from the book of Punjab text book to collect the data of educational institution such as pictures, graphics. The findings of the present research indicate that the textbooks carry and promote the gender stereotypes. It shows that learners have stereotypical thinking patterns regarding different sexes (men and women). It also looks deeper into the attitudes of teachers which indicated that they themselves are not aware of their tilted attitudes towards the category of sexes which made them insensitive towards gender disparity in the textbooks. The present research recommends equal representation of both the sexes on the conscious level by giving equal representation to women in the discourses as well as equal representation of female writers during the production and selection of images for textbooks

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