Rahila Qabool Muhammad

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

Reading is the fundamental element of learning and critical thinking but time to time this form of pursuing knowledge is gradually declining in the current and upcoming young generation. Reason being that use of technology is increasing day by day and it has changed the ways of reading which have no issue, but misuse of technologies is not letting children develop reading habit into them.

My research is a self-reflection and to reach the results of my study I adopted qualitative research method. Moreover, in this study, I am a participant observer and art students with the mindset of collecting instant information through technology are the focal point of my investigation.

Hence, this research will hopefully unfold the reasons behind lack of reading interest into art students because after finding these reasons, the inferences drawn through the methodological procedure, hopefully a range of strategies can be implemented by me and other faculty members of art schools so that along with me this research will be effectual for those higher education teachers who are teaching at art schools and believe that creating a visual (as art students do) without content is partial for which art students need to develop reading habit into them for comprising a content to accomplished their visuals therefore by means of this research reading culture can be enhanced at the art schools.

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