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MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

Lahore is a cultural hub of Pakistan with a rich historical background of art and architecture. It is continuously growing with the passage of time. It is not wrong to say that it is the most emerging city with great infrastructural development. With the infrastructural development, the government claims that they feel they need to beautify the newly built existing roadside belts and roundabouts which contribute to the cultural makeup of the city’s urban scape. Secondly, the corporate sector needs significant sites in the city to market themselves or their products. Thirdly, the army also feels the need to beauty the cantonment and memorials to celebrate their protagonists. Subsequently, this calls for a partnership or development of a work relationship of the funding institutes with artists and makers, especially those whose formal expertise lies within three-dimensional forms e.g., sculptures, monuments and reliefs.

This study gives insight into the nature and dynamics of commissioned art projects in Lahore, Pakistan. It aims to identify the objectives (of various stakeholders) behind commissioned art projects at the newly built existing roadside belts and roundabouts in Lahore, identifies gaps between the relationship of funding organizations, consumers (the public), artists and higher education curriculum developers\ art educators, and offers curricular recommendations for higher education students.

The study also investigates the relationship of all the stakeholders (in the making of commissioned public art projects), delves into the perspective of practicing artists working on the projects

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