Ayesha Naveed

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

This paper explores and re-traces an understanding of some of the philosophies and
theories of art education, such as Progressive Art Education, Holistic Art Education, and
Neo- Discipline Based Art Education, along with 21st Century approaches to designing
curriculums of Contemporary art education. The research involves studying various
components of curriculums, methodologies and different approaches of effective
pedagogy; based on an understanding of which a unit plan is designed in order to make
the lessons comprehensive, age appropriate, meaningful and effective. The process of
inquiry and analysis of the factual information derived from various resources is made
using an inductive method and a comparative analysis strategy. The questions in the pre
and post survey are addressed to school art instructors, parents and specifically students
who are active participants of the process and central to the research. The implementation
of the lessons within the unit plan led to an altered understanding of the city space, the
environment and the various facets of the city. The aim of the study is to be able to devise
a unit plan in the form of a written document along with visuals of the process as a
process towards broadening and improving my understanding and also as a reference for
art instructors, along with identifying the effects of a purposely altered and restructured
process of teaching on a student’s understanding and learning

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