Nazia Anwar

MA Art Education - Thesis Projects

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Dissertation Abstract

The concepts of art and aesthetics perceived by any culture or society are directed and
molded by many factors that predominantly lead that society such as political history, economic
conditions and gender biases etc. The transition of culture of an area depends on the visual
bazaar that is playing its role as a means of symbolic communication to the people. Seeing
culture in terms of communication would also suggest that culture is a dialogue pertaining to a
set of values, beliefs or attitudes. Art being a lingual means of this communication catalyzes
these values and causes to mold biases in the long run. If specified to education, a people
interacting with a set of preconceived ideas and predominant beliefs in mind will direct the path
in which the new information will resonate back into the recipient. On the other hand, this
transition of culture on a continuum restrains the outbreak of perceiving the context of art and
education outside of the unconventional lens. At this point the phenomenon of transition
discontinues and culture settles for a stagnant identity. The situation of certain disciplines of art
in Pakistan have oscillated between placing their ideology firmly, either toward fine art or
utilitarian art and let’s say, unfortunately, have always been on the fence about it. The nature of
any culture is self evolutionary and maintaining this as ideology, this study offers to invoke a
thought about the methods and rationales we, as artists and/or educationalists, choose to
deconstruct and reform the preconceived contexts of art in the culture we live in.

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