Sana Fatima

The Cyclical De-Cyclical


One of the facts of mental equilibrium being first and foremost significant; as the physical objects of our daily contact change little or not at all. They give us feeling of order and tranquility, like a silent and immobile society unconcerned with our own restlessness and changes in mood. Memory encompasses neither the entire spatial appearance of a state of concerns nor its entire temporal course. An individual retains memories because they are personally significant. Our process of remembering and forgetting is linked with the presence of memory and its convergence to past and present. One’s memory impressions/images seems to be embedded in the uncontrolled life of the drives, they are inhabited by a demonic ambiguity, and they are opaque, like frosted glass through which scarcely a ray of light can penetrate. At times one’s memory impression conjures trauma. 

As Andre Breton articulated: ‘Tell me whom you haunt I will tell you who you are’ 

Through my art practice, I was interested in exploring notion of Memory as Trauma. As it have profound impact on body, mind and soul. My thesis project is a visual narrative of various traumatic experiences collected from people of different walk of life. However, the notion of repetition, reappearance, and re-emergence was common in all those stories despite being experiencing entirely different scenarios of Trauma. Long after a traumatic experience is over, it can be reactivated by the slightest hint of the danger. I used repetition as a tool to apprehend those stories. By using the daily life objects and scenarios as a metaphor. I tried to capture a cyclical pattern which affects our body as well as mind; thus allows one to unravel mysteries of Trauma.

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