Krishnapriya Tharmakrishnar

Observing Microstructures: Tracing the Traumatic Unknown


My drawing is a representation of experience rather than appearance, and in this sense relinquishes the mantle of perception. There is a sense of openness in the act of drawing despite its medium of execution that lends itself to be a dynamic space for experimentation. This openness, paired with the immediacy of mark-making, makes possible a form of visual thinking that is unique to the process of drawing. .  By putting dots and making marks I trace and be concerned with the act of remembering my preborn memory .Born from a mark, drawing is a revealing act. Even a highly realized piece can expose its process of creation. By tracing the subtlest gestures and undulations of a drawing, one can discover the thought process that created it. My drawings aim to create a secret recipe for an inner landscape of the human condition; I like to create visual narrative vignettes that are both alluring and mysterious. Nature and those elements existing in its microscope views become metaphors for a strange and at times super-reality, a parallel universe that questions the natural scheme of life itself. 

This experience enables me to come closer to an understanding of how it is that identify with the new world. The concerns that arise from this process reveal themselves to me as subversive dualities existing in the micro-world. It conveys the sense of narrative, suggesting a particular subjectivity, as well as conjuring the world of imagination in a way with fragments of time and space. And becomes a relic of memory of the depicted scene itself irredeemably locked in an imperturbable and untouchable past .it has been finely expressed through the informal and anecdotal codes of lines.

As an artist, I search for meaning in the unknown micro world. I like to explore a world beyond my tangible reality. I see myself as a part of a larger universe. A micro-world expands further through a conscious effort to embrace the meaning of that which I create in my personal life, the experiences generated by the lives of those around me.

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