Dania Farooque

The Noise


Nick Bostrom, a philosopher, was the first to make an inquiry in 2001 when he questioned if our reality is indeed what it appears to be. My work aims to explore the existence of these simulations and their presence in our surrounding world. It is a known occurrence that we are subjected to the constant bombardment of tangible and intangible information in an advanced digital age, such as ours. The intake of this information in large quantities often renders us as unable to differentiate between what is false and what isn’t.

As a result, the accumulation of clutter occurs in our world, when there is so much to participate in, be it daily mundane activities, social media, news, and literally everything imaginable. To a simulator of such events, viewing these occurrences would almost seem like monitoring a security room with an unimaginable array of scenery being displayed of people doing their tasks. This reality posed in the Simulation Argument becomes almost game-like, with us being the characters of a simulation carrying out our specific tasks and duties. Our efforts and contributions to the macro view of our world seem almost redundant once we consider that we are a result of a simulation. However, as a whole, the clutter resulting from everything, like static noise from the simulator’s point of view, becomes harmonious in its chaos.

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