Anusha Khalid

Surreal Experiences into Subconscious Narrative


“Surreal Experiences into Subconscious Narrative”

My work is my way to look at conscious and subconscious thoughts. My short films tease the viewer and forces them to tap into their own subconscious. Through observation of human psychology and questioning what is real and what is not, I have created narratives which are completely imaginative. I have taken inspiration from drama, surrealism and psychology. The unusual juxtaposition of visuals are meant to confuse the viewer and not communicate one clear narrative. Every individual is free to interpret the videos however they want to and make connections to their own past experiences. By using common elements of color, sound and objects, the films try to invoke relatability to people everywhere in the world. We as humans share a collective conscious and therefore the films are relatable to everyone in this world in one way or another. Sometimes subtly and sometimes boldly, I have tried to achieve an experience that unsettles the viewer. Objects, situations, colors and sounds with pre-established meaning have been used in different contexts to create a dreamlike environment. I believe our everyday world of images is a surreal movie itself. For today’s over worked mind, it is sometimes hard to differentiate the real from the unreal. I want the viewers to remember the collective issues that humanity is facing in this age and time. It’s absolutely necessary that we go inward and try to understand the workings of our own minds to create a better world for all of us.

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