Systems Design

Instructors: Aarish Sardar & Ammar Faiz
Ebba Khurram
Maham Bosan
Pakeeza Zaidi
Tanzeel Saeed
Urooj Shahab


The major project is a culmination of the regular short reflections written by all students, creating their individual blogposts on a dedicated blog for Tools & Technology in Art Education module of their MA programme. These short reflections were based on their daily exposure hours / case studies and discussions in their regular online sessions. Each student had to develop a detailed proposal based on a systems design exercise, it could be a mobile app based on the Augmented Reality technology to disseminate knowledge in the simpler interactive forms to K-12 teachers/students, a series of short esculent infomentaries as a powerful audio/video medium to distribute various knowledge pools or an online archival repository to engage interested audience who wish to make a time travel back into the near/far history through various thematic lenses. There were many wonderful projects, which were brilliantly thought and made during these challenging times caused by COVID-19 disruption, as the only medium of instruction available was online, still this discourse self-introduced many new ways to un-learn, relearn and get maximum benefits out of available tools and technologies.

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